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A short beautiful girl with a nice slim figure. She has big beautiful eyes and really nice hair. She doesn't like her name and likes being called Izzy instead. One of the nicest people you will ever meet. When Isobel's fall in love they fall hard but they always think that there not good enough. She doesn't think that she is pretty but all her friends know that she is absolutely stunning, Isobel's are usually great artists and really good with making clothes. If you meet an Isobel you should definetly go for her
George: wow isobel is so beautiful

Will: no back off she's mine
by queenletticia November 08, 2013
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Isobel is a caring person who is always there for you. She is very quiet around teachers and sometimes other adults. When she is with you, she is much louder but sometimes can't get in a word so let her speak for a bit, you can have some amazing and interesting discussions with her!
Always make friends with an Isobel! That girl rocks!
by therealwoman_._ December 31, 2018
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Extremely beautiful female, large breasts and a slim figure. Very pretty eyes. Likes to flirt with boys. Falls in love very easily. She is kind, funny and pleasant to be around. Commonly found with her friends because she is very popular.
Jane: Oh i met this lovely girl yesterday!
Simon: Was she an isobel?
Jane: Yes she was utterly beautiful
by ALBIONKEBAB January 09, 2010
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1 - A nice act done for someone with no selfish thought.

2 - A creative endeavor.
1 - Denise pulled an Isobel when she gave Danielle all her crackers.

2 - Sean pulled an Isobel when he painted a mural at the elementary school
by Pheebon January 08, 2010
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A beautiful girl with a slim and gorgeous figure. She has delicate blue eyes and lovely hair. She is kind, caring and is usually around her friends because she is popular.
Alice: Did you see that girl today?
Lola: I know! She was such an Isobel
by Maya Smith March 28, 2017
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The Scottish way of spelling the Spanish name Isabel. Isobel is a tall beautiful girl who always chats up the boys and denies that she is pretty. She finds that making terrible jokes and talking dirty is her way to find true friends - which in her case, it works to find people with the same mind. The majority of her friends are boys, but she gets along with those few other feral girls too.
John - What do you rate Isobel out of 10 for her looks?
Mark - Oh a damn 10 for sure. What do you think about her on her personality?
John - 10 outta 10. She has the most horrible, hilarious jokes.
by peytonquail September 12, 2018
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