a young or inexperienced surfer, especially one whose behavior is objectionable
"Every beach has a clown who thinks he knows it all.
Hang-ten outta Santa Fe when surf comes out tomorrow lets go!
And he's always practicing his cowabunga call.
But the menace scrambles when the big waves start to roll.
'Cuse there's nothing worse then a gremmie out of control." - Pearl Jam Song
by Nick Lamb November 13, 2003
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A uk term for someone that has ripped a fat bull of spit infused with flem and mucus
Omg Dan just ripped a fat gremmy
by Fat slobby gremmy December 31, 2019
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Someone who just hangs out at the beach, but doesn't surf. Also can be a wannabe surfer, just trying to look good, but has no surfing ability.
Bra, look at the show today, Gremmys' all over da place cuz.
by Keoniii May 2, 2008
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A large ball of flem or mucus. generally something disgusting and rank.
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girl who resembles a gremlin!
what the hell its a gremmie
by madison March 16, 2005
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An unidentified flying fiend. Beeeeeeware growls and flouts when aggravated. Gremmy's only source of food is sunlight and his trusty inhaler. Gremmy lives in blue ribbon sparkly trailer heaven !!! Often times Gremmy is seen accompanied by his minion, whose name is Tron. There is sadly not enough information for Tron, he is still being watched. So far he is a mere subject to this society who we call npcs.
Tron: Did you hear what Gremmy is listening to?

Maxine: No? What is he listening to it must be so amazing.
Tron: Madison Beer!!
by phasing October 26, 2022
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