a big wave is a situation that is pushing you over the edge and you’re crashing like a wave but just like waves you keep on drifting life until the big wave comes along again
“i’m about to be hit by a big wave”
“i am in the middle of a big wave”
by Davyboi23 July 13, 2018
an occasionally violent homeless man who lives underneath Ocean City Boardwalk, he is a chronic heroin user who sells hermit crabs to support his drug habit
There have been no confirmed sightings of Big Wave Dave in several years. Some say he feeds on unsuspecting tourists. Others say he died from an overdose a long time ago and his spirit haunts Pirate Mini Golf late at night.
by adavid93 July 30, 2012
what you would refer to MEGADETH front man dave mustaine if he were a surfer
hey dude check out big wave dave surfing on his v guitar
by jacob tweedy March 25, 2008
A board from 8-9 feet. Specially shaped for big waves and good for Mavericks, Waimea, Cortes Bank, or wherever else the hell you have the balls to use it.
by Dylan Hamilton April 5, 2005
The lead singer of the metal sensation MEGADETH. Normally his real name is Dave Mustaine, but when he flies on his Flying V guitar and takes on the likes of enemies Kerry King or anyone else who dares insult him he becomes:
Hey, dude, is there an airshow in town??

Nah, probably just a flight of big wave dave in V formation

by Carmino June 17, 2008
An individual who is renowned for risking his life to catch the biggest waves ever
Big Wave Macca surfed an enormous wave.
by legend11 August 24, 2015
*Vietnam flashbacks of Octopus zombie, fisherman zombie in every lane and low tide spawning a gargantuan on the 4 tile from your house*
by Worse June 6, 2022