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Preston is a shinnie nobody understands him he is misunderstood. He wishes he was special but he just isn't. He stores DNA to feel more alive this Dna helps him find beef sticks, the only known source that you can actually feed a Preston.
Preston Baer: everything is simply a shape a form an identifier to let others recognize me as me. But then.. What am i? Is this me... My true self? My fake self? what is it that I am? NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME!!! -an everyday shinnie
by phasing December 16, 2021
An unidentified flying fiend. Beeeeeeware growls and flouts when aggravated. Gremmy's only source of food is sunlight and his trusty inhaler. Gremmy lives in blue ribbon sparkly trailer heaven !!! Often times Gremmy is seen accompanied by his minion, whose name is Tron. There is sadly not enough information for Tron, he is still being watched. So far he is a mere subject to this society who we call npcs.
Tron: Did you hear what Gremmy is listening to?

Maxine: No? What is he listening to it must be so amazing.
Tron: Madison Beer!!
by phasing October 26, 2022
all in the family, assuka kinnie, lain freak!! Ear loves to be mischievous but cannot control his laugh to save his life.
Did you hear that laugh?
Yeah, it must be that freak ear again.
by phasing August 17, 2022