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A girl who is 16 years old and posted a porn video when she was 14, yet people are like "omg it was a silly mistake get over it!!!"

Shes also an average singer and shes kind of pretty but her jaw is really small.

She wears skimpy outfits and posts softcore porn and her mother says its just rumours.
She hurt baby bunnies by lifting them the wrong way.
She dates a creep named Jack Gilinsky which made Jack G ignore his best friend Jack J to be with madison.
Did you see Madison Beer's nudes?
Yeah, I bet gilinsky jerked off to them.
by littlecarebear April 28, 2016
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Madison Beer is a singer that was discovered by Justin Bieber. She is very pretty and has a nice voice. She is an all around nice, caring and loving person. However, she gets a lot of hate because she is dating Jack Gilinsky. On a daily basis, she gets called a whore, slut, ugly, bad singer; the list goes on. All because of some allegedly leaked nudes of hers.
Person 1- Ew Madison Beer is such a slut! She doesn't deserve Jack.

Person 2- Is Jack happy with her?
Person 1- Probably not...
Person 2- Jack is a big boy. If he sees the beauty in Madison and is happy being with her, leave them be. Nothing you say can break them up.
by Macck September 19, 2015
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She is a beautiful, inspiring and talented girl who was discovered by the talented singer Justin Bieber. She has an amazing voice and always wants to make a difference. She loves to put smiles on peoples faces and what makes her smile is dogs, she is OBSESSED with them! She also is obsessed with Rihanna, she loves her! She is currently dating another singer named Jack Gilinsky who is such a hottie. She is such a great friend, sister and daughter. She cares so much for her fans the "Imadginers" and loves receiving fan mail. Over all she is a happy, beautiful and inspirational girl who is bullied for being a perfectly imperfect.
1: She is fuckin hot and her voice is amazing!!!

2: I know, I wish I was amazing like her

1: Who she?

2: Madison Beer
by Babygirlmb September 10, 2016
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A now 18 year old who is dating Jack Gilinsky. At the age of 13 Beer was discovered by Justin Bieber. Justin got her a manager and Madison has 4 songs, one with Jack and his partner Jack as well. Madison allegedly posted nudes at 15. But I don't believe it. On the daily she gets called , 'whore', 'slut','bitch'. Madison is great friends with Anastasia Karanikolaou (she is dating Sammy Wilk), Claudia Tihan,and Kylie Jenner. She has a younger brother named Ryder. She is from New York.
'Damn have you seen Madison Beer's new post with Jack. They are so cute!'
'I don't know why Jack likes her she is such a slut ew!'
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by monicagilinsky April 17, 2017
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