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'Gregging' is the process by which an individual masturbates into a hat. Though this is its definition, it can also be used to describe an individual resting his penis in a hat, and/ or using the hat to masturbate. To 'Greg' someone is to steal their headwear, and perform one of these heinous acts using it.
Example 1)
It has commonly been used to make amusing adjustments to songs:
"Gregging,Gregging you... filling up your beret with my penis"

Example 2)
Ray: "Man, what the fuck is up with your hat?"
James: "you wont believe it, Some punk gregged it last night at the party!"
Ray: "Ouch, dont worry about it, weve all been there before"

Example 3)
Mark: "Hey, look at that blokes hat, you want to greg it?"
Bryn: "Hell yeah!, ill go first"
30 minutes later
Man with Hat: "Bollocks"
by Portlypeasent February 26, 2009
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To intentionally ignore someone. Typically because they have annoyed you.
Girl 1: You still talking to that guy we met?
Girl 2: No, he is so annoying, he won't leave me alone. I am totally gregging him.
by got-gregged January 09, 2011
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In poker when you get rivered, or had a bad beat, or for any reason you just feel like bitching or being a little bitch.

Stop gregging you little ho. I knew my 2-7 off suit would punk your ass in the end… Biatch. That's why I called you. Now sit down and shut up
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{Verb}: Cave Diving Term:
1. To repeatedly hit your tanks on the top of a cave while scuba diving (cave diving).
2. To continually drag your tanks/manifold across the top of a cave while scuba diving.
3. To notch out the edge of a ledge with the leading edge of your valve manifold.
"You were gregging the cave so much it's a foot taller in there now!"
by BBQ Master February 10, 2006
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To update your Facebook with 30+ updates/links in an hour, usually music videos and posts about how bored you are.
Greg was totally gregging on Facebook last night - he posted 15 Miley Cyrus videos, 10 ABBA videos, and wrote 15 statuses about how much he loves Justin Bieber's hair.
by Chris968 September 25, 2011
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Taking pictures of your penis in a cabin full of people whilst at camp.
Greg was Gregging so hard that you could see the flash of the camera.
by Daniel Jenson August 06, 2016
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Dora-"I was Pegging Greg last night with a 12 incher"
John-"So you were gregging him?"
by Cabana man April 18, 2018
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