A very powerful country. Has the ability to make you lose a game of Plague Inc.
My disease is spreading around the wor- fuck no, greenland closed it's port! GRRRRRR
by Gitarja August 26, 2020
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Despite the name, Greenland is white with ice and snow.
by B-Drac October 15, 2003
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The world's largest island. Greenland is located in northeastern North America. The Atlantic Ocean and Iceland lie to Greenland's southeast; the Greenland Sea to the east; the Arctic Ocean to the north; Baffin Bay and Canada to the west. Nordost Rundingen, Greenland is the most easterly point of land in North America. And Kaffeklubben Island, Greenland is the most northerly point of land on earth. Greenlanders are mainly the descendants of Inuit and Danes. The official languages of Greenland are Greenlandic and Danish. Altough still a territory of Denmark, Greenland hopes to achieve independence within a couple of decades. The capital of Greenland is Nuuk.
I would love to relocate to an independent Greenland and become a Greenlandic citizen some day.
by SirLancelot January 26, 2006
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A barren island territory.
Second largest island.
Territory of Denmark.
Capital is Godthab.
Greenland will become seperate from Denmark soon.
by The Geography Master October 8, 2003
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That island in between Iceland and Canada who's name has nothing to do with it's Geography.

Also; the word used for something that is, basically, someone else's (most commonly Denmark's) bitch.
You know that new Transfer student? She is SO Greenland.

Greenland? Isn't that the Icy one? I JUST DON'T GET IT.
by Litva November 13, 2009
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Discovered by Norwegian named Eric the red (who's son (Leif Ericson) really discovered america around 1000 AC, ca. 490 years before colombus)
Claimed by Norway (norwegian crown colony untill 1815)
Permanent Court of International Justice ruled that denmark of some odd reason gets to rule Greenland.
sovreign nation before 2010!

what the fuck has denmark got in common with greenland?
by Æreværemichelsen October 14, 2005
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Greenland New Hampshire, Greenland or gland for short is a town filled with farmers and goat herders. Glanders are kinda chill but there dumb. There most popular landmark is target
Hey jupa you live in Greenland
by Ladiesman2rye February 23, 2016
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