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Fucking Illinois Bastard or Fucking Illinois Bitch. Used by residents of Wisconsin (and sometimes Michigan) to describe people from Illinois.

FIB's tend to have one or more of the following characteristics:

-Drive slow enough to get passed by grandmothers (even though they go 25 over the limit in their own state).

-If they own a sports car, they drive it like an SUV. If they own an SUV, they drive it like a sports car.

-Lives in an overpriced condo on Chicago's lakefront or an overpriced house in the 'burbs (yet still tell's everyone they're from Chicago).

-Buys a vacation home in Lake Geneva, Door County or Upper Michigan and immediately complains about the lack of urban culture in the area. Yet they can't seem to stop vacationing there.

-FIB men usually claim to be "tough chicago guys" yet are too scared to go anywhere but Miller Park, Water Street or Third Ward when visiting Milwaukee for a Brewers-Cubs game.

-FIB men are usually at least 50 lbs. overweight, yet find room to complain about the supposed lack of size 0 women in Wisconsin and Michigan.

-FIB women are usually either 50 lbs. overweight and insist on wearing halter tops and mini-skirts, or have A-cups and wear tops intended for women with an actual chest.

-Claims to be cultured even though 90% of their wardrobe consists of Cubs and Bears sweatshirts and don't know of any restaurants that aren't bar & grill's.

-Think being an "outdoorsman" means sleeping in a $50,000 RV.

-Thinks Wisconsin wouldn't be able to sustain its economy without them, but don't recognize that they're gullible idiots who buy vacation property in parts of the state that Wisconsin natives don't even want.

-Buys a dried up piece of shit because a Wisconsin merchant told them it was used in Native American puberty rituals.
"If FIB's consider going to Lake Geneva a vacation, then Chicago must REALLY suck!"
by illwauk October 07, 2007

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Nickname for Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Named for the numerous cream-colored buildings in the city's downtown.

The brick used to construct the buildings became synonymous with Milwaukee and is sometimes referred to as a "Milwaukee Brick" or "Cream City Brick."
"What's goin' on in the Cream City tonight?"
by illwauk October 07, 2007

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Wisconsin's largest city, located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. A chronically underrated city that is experiencing something of a revival after spending almost three decades in a rebuilding phase due to the loss of blue-collar jobs. None the less, it still struggles with the misconceptions of outsiders stemming from historically-inaccurate 70's sitcoms and sensationalistic media reports (for example: health care, not brewing is Milwaukee's biggest industry and the city is home to a number of integrated neighborhoods such as Riverwest, Washington Heights and Northwest Side).

Nowadays, Milwaukee is home to beautiful architecture, revitalized neighborhoods (such as Bronzeville/MLK Drive, Riverwest, Bay View (aka Gay View), Third Ward and Walker's Point), GOOD hip hop music (Black Elephant, Taste Emcees, Growing Nation, etc.), progressive politics, diverse ethnic restaurants, a great park system, and more theaters per capita than any other city in the U.S.

Unfortunatley, Milwaukee still struggles with a notoriously racist and trigger-happy police force, corrupt politicians, and an underfunded public school system. There's also not many higher education opportunities for people of color. That's because Milwaukee's two biggest universities (UWM and Marquette) are lily-white and recruit students who come from Northern Wisconsin or the Chicago suburbs rather than the city.

If you come to Milwaukee, DON'T listen to the brochures. Water Street and Summerfest are lame, touristy and shells of their former selves. Instead, visit the Milwaukee Art Museum (even if you don't like art, it's THAT cool of a building), the Riverwalk, the Allen-Bradley Clock (which is bigger than Big Ben), Miller Park, Brady Street and Bronzeville aka MLK Drive.
Milwaukee: Without us, Wisconsin would be Iowa.
by illwauk October 08, 2007

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Slang term for Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Originally came of use when the city was home to four of the largest breweries in the United States (Miller, Pabst, Blatz & Schlitz).

Today, brewing only represents a fraction of the city's economy as only Miller continues to operate. As such, the term Brew City is considered by many to be outdated as the younger generations prefer terms such as "Mil Town," "Cream City," and "The Mil." In fact, saying "Brew City" today usually marks the user as someone who is out-of-touch and probably from the suburbs (if not familiar with the area at all).
"What's going on in the Brew City tonight?"

"You're not from around here, are you?"
by illwauk October 07, 2007

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Arguably, Milwaukee's most racially and socially diverse neighborhood. Home to many of the city's artists, musicians and poets as well as an equally eclectic nightlife where you can hear reggae, indie rock and underground hip hop on the same block on the same night.

Riverwest is also know for shattering outsiders' stereotypes and perceptions of Milwaukee and Wisconsin.
"Damn, I never would've thought a place like Riverwest would be in a state like Wisconsin."
by illwauk October 04, 2007

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The area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin located south of Oklahoma Avenue on the city's south side. It is called the "Deep South" because it is predominantly white and has a reputation for being racist and intolerant towards the LGBT community. Many residents (in other parts of city) consider it a suburb that happens to be within in the city limits and describe it as being 20 years behind the rest of Milwaukee. In spite of being a relatively small area, it is often (incorrectly) thought of as being "typical" of the entire city, and thus, is most likely the reason Milwaukee gets stereotyped as a stodgy, backwards town.
"You been to the Deep South Side?"

"Yea, no wonder people think such f***ed up things about Milwaukee. That place is just like being upstate, only with a lot more people... it should be bulldozed into the lake."
by illwauk October 07, 2007

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Slang for High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Usually applied after a shortened version of the school's name so Vincent becomes "V House," Washington becomes "Wash House" and Bay View becomes "View House," etc.
Person A: "Where'd you go to school at?"

Person B: "Wash House, class of 99"
by illwauk October 08, 2007

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