Someone who grew up in the state of Illinois. 9.7 million of them live in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. The other 3 million live in smaller towns. There's a higher than normal chance for a Midwestern state that a randomly picked person won't be white. More people live in Illinois than in any other state in the Midwest. Majority of Illinoisans are hated by Wisconsinites who stereotype us as disrespectful bad drivers and refer to us as FIBS.
I was born and raised in Bloomington, IL. He was born and raised in Chicago. We're both Illinoisans.
by DaChicagoan October 24, 2013
A northern Illinois resident, typically from the Chicago area, who is both mentally ILL and Annoyin'... A liberal or a democrat from any part of Illinois.
The Illinoisan wouldn't stop crying about how they are offended by EVERY-DAMN-THING.
by Morgadeth January 23, 2019