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A much more friendly group of guys/gals than chavs
Named after the thereoy supposedly matching their psycological makeup...
G = Genuine
R = Respectful (apart from after being thrown out of a town centre for nothing..
E = Educated (although theyre not all nerds)
B = Befriending

Grebs enjoy a highly comunistical society all are equals, if any one person is considered better than most, this will have been gained by friendlyness or individuality rather than random muggings. Most grebs will stay with a sexual partner for years, seeing the bond of friendship to be more than just the sex. (whilst a chav would probably last a week at the most)

In some circumstances grebs must fight back and often win, especially if at school. A chav might pick a fight, the greb would throw a few punches in defence, chav ends up on floor, and due to their favouritism amongst teachers they are normally believed and therefore dont get into trouble whilst the chav would.

In greb circles it is cool to express yourself, it is uncommon for a group of grebs to have not formed a band at some point. Most have excellent art or design skills, but would rather spend time making random videos including their friends or hanging out at some concert or gig.
Chav walks into greb

Chav: "Oi watch where ur going u fookin greb

Greb: I didnt...

Chav starts fight, few punches... greb retaliates as defence Chav ends up on floor...

Later, teacher questions what happened and believes greb as they are much better behaved in class

Chav gets excluded from school for a few days
by RotherRJ666RandomDude January 12, 2010

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