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Ett fenomen som kan drabba fikarummet på arbetsplatser över hela Sverige. Det yttrar sig i att det blir helt tyst i fikarummet, trots att flertalet personer befinner sig i rummet. Graven kan uppstå under en kort eller en längre stund. Oftast cirka 15-30 sek, det sägs dock att vissa gånger har Graven nästan visat sig i en hel minut.

Det finns teorier om att graven kan ha en högre risk att uppstå beroende på vilka människor som befinner sig i fikarummet. Vissa kombinationer av människor verkar ofta befinna sig i Graven.
Graven slog till på förmiddagsfikat, det var helt knäpptyst i minst 30 sekunder.
by leifi April 20, 2012
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A would-be name given to any black holes created by the hadron collider (if it were to open one). Named after Prof. L Graven who is a specialist in the physics field and a long-time admirer of Higgs (the man behind the idea of the hadron collider).

A Graven is a black hole created by the hadron collider and should one come into existance it is predicted to have 10 x 10 to the power of +ve 34 gravitational pull and would draw in all objects closest to it.
Lab Assistant; "Sir, We've Discovered A Graven..."

Professor: "Oh Dear God Let's Get Out Of Here!"
by LabbyFriend October 30, 2008
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1. n, Pertains to black males and is the ultimate compliment. A golden god at the peak of his masculinity. 2. v, Can also be used as an insult to someone's mother.
"Yo I gravened Vincent's mom last night"
"Wow you are such a graven when you rap"
by BigWilly January 04, 2006
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essence of being a total douche bag

being an overall retard in pretty much anything he/she tries to accomplish with their pitiful existance as a human being.
God..Alex was being a total Graven today, what a little bitch.
by WhiteManDancin69 January 03, 2006
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1.what u say when you've been deeply impressed.
2.something becomes graven when it passes amazing's boundariesss
3.the description of an occurrence that'll send u to ur grave
"yo u should've seen the look on ur face when he walked in the door"
"girrrl that guy was gravennnnnn"
by nopppppe February 23, 2008
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Graven I has to of big of an ass and he keep putting his had in to my packets, he suck a whore man
by Graven October 16, 2019
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