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To beat someone with out them scoring once.
Often used in pool when the loser hasn't potted a single ball.
Or in table football when the loser hasn't scored any goals.
"You've just been grannied!"
by FieryRich November 22, 2007
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The act of spending all day with your grandma. Often Mother's Day, or some other special day. The word was coined on May 8, 2011 by Opal Crankshaft and said to her adopted grandson, Bryant.
Opal: (holding up two different color blouses up to Bryant) Which one should I wear? What do you think, purple or pink?

Bryant: Well, the purple looks good on you. Why not wear that? (suddenly realizes today is Mother's Day) Or wait, better yet, keep the robe! Let's get Grannied!!

Opal: Now you're talking. This is a perfect day to get Grannied. Its not every day I get to lounge around in my bathrobe.

Bryant: Yeah, you're right. This is a treat for you. Massages, spa treatments - you name it. Today is a perfect day for it!

Ramona: Hey, but what about me? Remember, honey, you used to have a big crush on me. Whatever happened to that?

Bryant: Hey Ma Garggle, long time no see! This is one of my other grandmas, Opal Crankshaft. (Ramona and Opal shake hands)

Bryant: How's Thorny and Hornet?

Brutus: We're fine. Gladdys couldn't be here. But I came down.

Bryant: Sweet! We go back quite a long way, all the way to 1996.

Brutus: Yeah, we lost touch there for a while. Who's this grandma you're talking about? Its not my mother-in-law, Ramona, is it?

Bryant: No. Brutus Thornapple; Opal Crankshaft. (Brutus and Opal shake hands).

Opal: Its a great day to get Grannied, huh? A couple of new friends that I've never met. One of my favorite grandsons. A great way to stay busy on Mother's Day! Doing nothing but r-e-l-a-x!!
by Dusty's Baby Powder May 08, 2011
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