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When you are grumpy and cranky at the same time.
Yo man cheer up, why are you so granky today??
by Jess814 April 13, 2016
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The opposite of crispy. Incredible unnatractive. Guzzles Arnold Palmers by the gallon while listening to fighting songs. Has big goofy gauges in their ears.
1. Wow, I used to think that guy was pretty crispy, but he turned out to be totally granky.
2. Lets get out of here. There are way too many granky people here.
by Crispoi October 28, 2008
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1.a color, between brown and green but more brown than it is green emotion, between happy and horny
1. granky goes well with black

2. oh, im so granky right now

3. that was pretty damn granky
by MiSm January 26, 2004
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An especially intense combination of grouchy and cranky, where basically everything bothers you.
Not sure if it's the post Christmas blues or just the wacky holiday schedule, but I've been especially granky lately.
by ohmanwhyudodat April 09, 2016
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Absolutely disgusting, gross to the point of throwing up on to the dude/dudette next to you. If you are pushed to the point of Grankiness, its necessary to warn others to clear out.

To grand would mean to puke.

Also can be used as a substitute for made out. Or making out.
Example 1:

Dude 1: Oh Man! That smells absolutely Granky!

Dude 2: Yeah i think I'm gonna grank everywhere!

Example 2:

Ryan: Dang Cole's girlfriend is so hot.

Tyler: Yeah man, i would totally grank her.

Cole: Yeah, i am granking her.
by Cremp000 September 07, 2011
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Apparently someone can be in a great mood, but also cranky. Not sure how that actually works, but I’m going with it.
I’m not in a bad mood, I’m just granky.
by CassTX May 10, 2018
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The state of being when you are both hungry and hankering for food, but not able to get it.
I have a few ours left of work and I am feeling granky.
by Kingibexx July 22, 2017
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