A phrase you use when you are so surprised or fascinated by something that you want to shoot a unicorn with a harpoon and shove it up it's ass then anally fuck the corpse.
Man yesterday i ooooooh'd so hard that Willis also went ooooooh
by Ilikedapoopoo69 December 3, 2013
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Something to scream if it's awkward. :)
(alone in your room) aha ooooooh
(in Walmart) aha ooooooh
(next to your grandparents) aha ooooooooooooooooh *extra "ooooooh" for extra love <3
by David.issa.finna July 18, 2018
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when the situation becomes awkward and you gotta call it out
Morgan : Matthew is so cute isn’t he?
Caroline : oooooooh k
by Joey Donna February 26, 2019
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An Oversimplified running gag, where something does not go right for somebody, and they say this.

Here are a few examples:
ROBESPIERRE: Attention board members, here I have a list of people to be sent to the Guillotine, and many of YOU are on that list, but I'm not saying who. What do you think of THAT?

BOARD MEMBER: Iiiiii think we should send Robespierre to the Guillotine first. All in favor?



PERSON 1: We did it, we got rid of Alcohol! America will be perfect forever!

PERSON 2: But you just destroyed the 5th largest industry and 10s of thousands have lost their jobs!

PERSON 1: You don't understand, idiot, we helped you! IDIOT! *Sigh,* I could really go for a beer about now... OOOOOOOOOOOH nOoOoOh!!!
by ItsTheCartoonCat August 7, 2022
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