Verb. Stepping up from one grade to another/ moving on to something better.

Linda - What was it you wanted to talk to me about?

Steve - Alright, I'm graduating from your ass.

Linda - ...Graduating?

Steve - I'm moving on to your friend Lisa she's a lot better in bed than you are.

(In Real Life)

Yo my boy just graduated from his bitch and got himself a MILF
by Officer Spectacular May 21, 2010
The best known cure to senioritis and similar diseases. Side effects include long gowns, flat square-shaped hats, diplomas, responsibility, college, and/or career.
After graduation, Jerry learned to pack his own lunches.
by Doni June 10, 2005
Can be either the greatest moment or the saddest. I thought it would be the greatest but looking back I would give up everything just for one day back in school. Crushes, unfairness, homework, love, friends, idiot teachers, recess, lunch, all that stuff. I miss it all. I find it strange to be looking back right now on this. But I guess the saying they say is true. "You never knew how much fun being a kid really was until your older."
I miss school. There said it.
by Eric March 6, 2005
The day you realize you just spent 13 years of your life to walk across a stage wearing a funny looking hat to get a piece of paper.
What!?! I worked the equivilent of a full time job for 13 years for a piece of paper that basically means I didn't fall asleep in class too much! There goes 13 years of my life that i'll never get back. What's the point of graduation anyway?
by monkeyg101 December 2, 2011
a ceremony in which all participants are wearing identical caps and identical gowns. The class speaker will usually state that the key to success is individuality.
At graduation, Mr. Anderson stated in order to be successful one must branch out from the rest.
by baybay23 April 6, 2009
This is it. You’ve made it. You survived high school. And now (hopefully) you’ll go on to do better and brighter things in life. You either go to college, the military, or just simply work at one of your parents jobs. Either way. What ever you end up doing you’ll either love it or hate it. Good luck.
Well after 4 long years we finally made it... graduation
by Skinnyboi07 May 14, 2018
The best/worst thing for a high-schooler to experience before they take their leap into the real world. A last chance for friends/crushes/acquaintances/etc. to get together for the last time, and, hopefully, get phone numbers/e-mail addresses/Myspaces to talk to each other after they all leave high school.
At graduation, I tried to kiss my than girlfriend, she moved away from the kiss, and told me that she was cheating on me someone else. She than proceeded to graduate while my dad took a picture of us standing together with our diploma covers. Needless to say, my graduation sucked ass. Also, don't throw your caps when you graduate. I did, and got back one without a graduating class pin.
by DJ Retro May 30, 2007