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One of Agent Smith's most well recognized catch phrases from The Matrix trilogy, in reference to protagonist Neo's real name(Thomas Anderson).
Agent Smith: Goodbye, Mr. Anderson.
Neo: My name... IS NEO!
by stan21 July 04, 2006
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OHHH sweat o'l Mr Anderson the nicest-piece of ass on the face of the fucking earth and his thiccness cant compare to anyone's because he is beyond everyone is his thicc as filled with his shit because his t-Rex arm cannot reach around his thicc ass so he cant wipe which makes him 10 times sexier and whenever I see him when I'm running the mile i cant help but nutt in my underpants and have an orgasm because he is madly thicc and he can charm everyone with his nice and perfectly thicc ass cheeks.
"Mr.Anderson's thicc ass makes me so damn horny I wanna cum myself"
by Thanos Dabbing May 16, 2019
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Mr Anderson is probably the mightiest beast out there, topping the likes of Killer Bean and John Wick. He is possibly the best teacher to ever grace this earth, bringing his godly teaching skills to our unworthy souls. Please notice me
Jamie McCaffery: oh wit a bangin teacher

Dan Monaghan: yeah, he's such a Mr Anderson
by Mr Anderson's no.1 fan July 15, 2019
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the worst insult you can ever get,just a verbal
*hudson throws pen at james*
Mr.Andersonon the board now”
“What is it sir”
“Just a verbal”
by EatNuts October 10, 2019
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That one man in youtube who saves your AP Bio grade every single night before the test/review/project/discussion.
-"Did you read the chapter for today's test?"
-"Na, just watched Mr. Anderson's videos."
by Tomorrow'sTest January 23, 2016
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a teacher that is a dick and brags about almost everything and sucks massive amounts of bbc but not the small bbc like the giant bbc like the 20 inches and prefers it in his ass ~ kcinimod and kciredohr
wow mr anderson sucks alot of bbc
by dick givingers 9911 October 25, 2019
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