To describe something or someone that looks gross, horrible or ugly.
Ashleigh: Mate, have you seen his new haircut? He looks really gopping!
Terri: I know mate, Tayler's got more hair in his eyebrows.
by Judithm8 March 15, 2015
something nasty, or horrible (see buche)
eww, thats a gopping buche you got there!
by [D]Mr Cream T October 14, 2003
When something is gopping it means it’s absolutely disgusting.
by Ambermayxx July 27, 2018
Dripping with rancid fluid or discharge.
My arse is gopping! /or/ Mind that gopping turd!
by timmik May 11, 2009
The act of causing someone to vomit while having anal sex with them. Allegedly causes the sphincter to tighten.
There were a bunch of guys gopping in the bushes at Russel Square...
by dunxd November 17, 2005
Short for "Gang of Psychopaths," the undemocratically elected, illegitimate ruling regime in the United States
You watching this GOP prove that everything they ever pretended to care about was a lie?
by Catty McGee March 21, 2018
Jerry got pissed last night and pulled a right gopping bird
by A total Kent December 31, 2011