When something or someone is really cool, or has so much swag to it.
Hey man I just copped some new kicks and clothes that are so fire. I'm drippin' right now.

Yo did you see that trick Fred did at the skate park? He's dripping right now
by Freddy512 June 29, 2017
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Dripping- to have a lot of juice, sauce, or swag and showing it off to everyone around
Man Tyler be dripping mad swag bruh.
by Savage Cabbage God October 11, 2017
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When a person is drunk and tripping simultaneously.
Earl: "Why, are you drinking? We just ate those mushrooms."

Francois: "I want to be dripping tonight!"
by Christophe Crazy October 13, 2010
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When you are under the influence of extreme amounts of cough medicine and alcohol
by vinsanecach January 24, 2011
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Dripping the act of being drunk
by Veazy October 23, 2008
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When your tipsy or lowkey faded
“Bro i just hit a blunt and im drippin’ ”
“I had one shot and now im dripping
by F0rce September 11, 2018
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