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Cornish vernacular for the small crumbs of an edible nature left after you've finished something. I.e. the little bits you get at the bottom of a packet of crisps or a serving of fish and chips.

Mostly used by the older generation.
'ere, finish up they scrattings, lover!
by A total Kent December 31, 2011
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Group of islands in the north of Scotland like Shetland, only not as good.

Also famous for Satanic abuse allegations, monkey farmer love triangles that culminate in murder and a body in a shallow grave in some sand dunes, proper mental neo-fascists who shoot waiters in curry houses, and their dads in the local police who try to cover things up for them.

Which just goes to show that truth is always stranger than fiction.
I wanted to go to Shetland on holiday this year, but couldn't afford the flights to get there. I went to Orkney instead, and it was crap. I was satanically abused by a white supremacist, ended up shot until I was completely dead, I was buried on a beach, and the whole thing was covered up by the local fuzz. I shan't be going there again, and I've said some pretty stern stuff about it all on Trip Advisor.
by A total Kent January 3, 2011
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Jerry got pissed last night and pulled a right gopping bird
by A total Kent December 31, 2011
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Cockney rhyming slang for jewellery, preferably something classy and not a sovereign ring.

Abbreviated from tomfoolery.
That's a nice bit of tom you've got there, luv!
by A total Kent December 31, 2011
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