1) A generally low ranking member of a gang or syndicate. Typically the recipients of street-level work. These are generally the most disposable members of a organization, built to take the fall in order to protect the higher ups in the case of illegal activities gone awry that have attracted police attention.

2) One who participates in vandalism, loitering, public displays of ignorance, outward obnoxiousness, and other non-socially acceptable practices justified by a directionless but nonetheless strong pack mentality and conformity with other similarly outlandish behaving individuals.

3) An Individual of sub-standard wit or mental competency. commonly identified by a less than reputable character, bad personality, and/or poor taste in personal style.
1. The building was set a flame by some of the 2Trill Gang's goons.

2. "those damn goons keep taking shits on my lawn and ruining my grass!"

3. "Nah don't invite Keenan, he's a straight up goon"
by A Man Amongst Sheep April 24, 2012
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Cheap wine. Often comes in a 4 Litre Cask for around $10 Australian dollars.
'Magic Goon' is wine mixed with lemonade, OJ etc.
Most commonly said in Australia.
"What else can get you fucked for $2.50AUD?"
"That is sum nasty ass goon."
by Diego August 29, 2003
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noun- a person who just does not give a damn

verb- to behave in a way that displays the fact that one is a goon
1. After Rodney's main bitch quit him, he quit giving a damn, and, in doing so, became a goon.

2. Jermaine stood up at work and walked out the damn door. He was straight goonin'.
by MofistolRobinson March 30, 2012
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Generally slow witted, or goofy.

Also of either poor quality in character, dress, or personality
Wanna go hang out with Loui?

No man, that kid's such a goon.
by sowingwildoats June 15, 2003
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Cheap cask wine, often consumed by teens at parties with the soul purpose of getting very drunk, very fast. The Goon is removed from the cask and transported in the internal "Goon Sack".
I was just drinking some goon. Tasted awful, but got me off my tits.
by pelaco December 14, 2009
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Someone hired to rough someone up, usually someone big and dumb who commits acts of violence for money.
I'll show those fools, i'll hire a couple of goons to give those butt-pummeling ass clowns a fresh one accross the face. FIST!
by Ed K May 6, 2003
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A male at a party or social event who

1. Drinks excessive amounts of alcohol for the sole purpose of getting fucked up
2. Only socializes with other goons who are also guys

3. Is typically of larger size

4. Consumes only cheap alcohol revolving around Natty Daddys, Milwaukee's Best Ice, and PBR's
The goons at the party drank all of the Natty Daddy's.
by logeatloco0082 September 24, 2017
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