Strayed from the course, gone astray. Wrong.
I wish I could help, but everything has gone awry!
by Kay8 August 31, 2007
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Unpredictably or unexpectedly wrong. Out of kilter.
Usually pronounced "Uh-rye", it ought to be pronounced "Or-wree", which listeners will find quite awry.
"Measure every tenth one to make sure things aren't going awry"
by Poshlost August 5, 2017
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A botched eye job where the surgeon pulls your eyelids too high and you end up looking like a deer in the headlights or a psycho Real Housewife.
Ramona Singer wanted an eye job, but she got an awry job.”
by Mambo & Goose July 21, 2011
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An event where an otherwise highly intelligent and gifted person deviates from their often impressive and potentially lucrative talent (either from outside pressure or impulsive miscalculation) and compromises their talent and self in a spiraling path of self-destruction. Often occurs in the absence of not having fellow geniuses to maintain a healthy environment of intelligence. Often in, the absence of great similar minds or stimulation of intellect, a great mind will often turn against itself and implode. This is not to be confused with mad genius or evil genius as these concepts are completely opposed.
Michael Richards' racial tirade, and his fruitless efforts make it funnier while only making it worse is genius-gone-awry.

Kurt Cobain and his drug-induced suicide, is genius-gone-awry.

Bill Clinton and his decision to get with Monica Lewinsky, is genius-gone-awry.
by toomuchtoolate May 29, 2009
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I thought it was being a brilliant idea to study just before the exam, that way I would retain most information, but I was wrong, and the examination went awry and out of my hands.
by NPixel89 January 25, 2022
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