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Can be used to signify how hard you be stuntin on these fuck*n haterz.
Hater: Your floss ain't even clean
You: Shut it bitxch, I was goofin all over your mom last night
by goofusbgoofin96 December 09, 2018
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tha act of doing something stupid, goofy or retarded
why u GOOFIN bud!!!!!
throwin glue across da room is not cool!!!!!!
by el g March 19, 2007
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To waste time in a non-destructive way, can include making voices, singing songs, telling jokes or playing video games.
We had a few hours before the game so we decided goofin' was the best option.

If you dont have plans for tonight, goofin' is always an option.
by The Cash April 16, 2006
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To act strange or out of character whilst under the influence of Marijuana, Alcohol, Drugs, etc.
Ah man he's Goofin'
That weed has him Goofin'
He came into school Goofin' the other day!
by Ross Hurst September 26, 2014
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