when someone's looking really good and doing their own thing
Dang! Look at that guy stuntin in those Red Octobers!
by mackieronii August 12, 2017
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High class flashing of your jewelry, money riches etc. Made famous by the Cash Money Millionaires. A person who stunts would be a "stunna" usually showing off diamonds, gold, platinum, women, cars and stacks of cash..LARGE BILLS! see "bling bling" for an idea of something a "stunna" would stunt
"Baby aka the #1 Stunna"
by INfaMousgUrL2002 August 1, 2004
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You could be stuntin on a nigga if you promise to bring him/her a blunt and never show up. Another example would be to tell a female you have a nine inch penis in order to get to sleep with her when in reality its only six inches.
by YoungBO February 17, 2011
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pretendin to be someone you aren't or pretendin to have something you dont have
Yo whats up w Justin he wearing j's and a chain erryday?

Bruh dat nigga broke af, he stuntin
by Flex Gawd February 16, 2017
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Stuntin - A word which rhymes with frontin. Usually nobody knows what this means, but since it rhymes with frontin every cheezy rapper must use this word in at least one song on his album. See also wack rappers
Yo i guess i aint frontin and i know i aint juntin or buntin.. so i must be stuntin. yes that rhymes. now i can just add a few popular drinks and clothing items into my lyrics and im a self cheez made millionair
by br4incell January 28, 2010
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wearin tha hottest clothes bein on point wit' urz
yea that outfit she had on waz hot, yeah she be stuntin all da time
by tha fly gurls November 16, 2003
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When some body lies about something or tries to make their self look good in any situation.
Girl did you see that old stuntin ass nigga trying to talk to me. Or I don't know why she always be tryin to stunt she know she don't have no money.
by nerae103 May 27, 2004
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