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a wannabe scene is a girly fucker who suddenly decides to listen to fall out boy or my chemical romance, act all br00tal and wear too much eyeliner. all of their friends are still preppy cunts and think that their friend is going through a stupid faze. the so called new "scene kidd" signs up for and adds anyone with snakebites or cool hair only to find out they are a german bitch who cares about nobody but themselves. they take shitty photos of themselves acting all 'emo' and 'origional' when really they are just copying pictures and articles they've read on urban dictionary.
wannabe scene: blackt3ars-xx
real deal: xDeadNurse

blackt3ars-xx: y0 wh4ts up n!ggaz
xDeadNurse: Erm.. Hey
blackt3ars-xx: h0w ab0ut th4t HxC g!g l4st n!ght
xDeadNurse: Wtf Are You Even Saying
blackt3ars-xx: l0lz fuck!ng w4nn4 f!ght b!tch
xDeadNurse: STFU Poser!!1

xDeadNurse Has Left The Conversation

blackt3ars-xx: y0 n!gg4 wh4t d0es th4t me4n??///
by Short&&Tight January 12, 2008
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