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A "non-profit" organization that provides employment services for adults with disabilities. Goodwill receives funding for these services by running a large network of retail thrift stores. In reality, Goodwill is nothing more than a scam operation.

Goodwill relies on donations such as clothing, books, and household items. They then sell these items at outrageous prices. The same used shirt that Goodwill sells for $10 can be purchased new at Walmart for $5. Goodwill is also known for buying Dollar Tree merchandise in bulk, then selling it in their stores at inflated prices in order to make a profit.

Where does all of this money go? Straight into the CEO's pockets!

Goodwill takes advantage of the special wage certificate program in order to pay disabled employees less than minimum wage. In other words, the man with Downs Syndrome who works at the donation door is paid 25 cents per hour. At the same time, the CEO makes more than $500,000 per year.

Goodwill's business model is ingenious. They receive free merchandise, sell it for more than it's worth at competing retailers, and pocket the money while claiming it's being used to help people "find jobs" - jobs that are equivalent to slave labor. In addition, they don't have to pay taxes!
I used to work for Goodwill Industries of NCW (North Central Wisconsin). Their current CEO is a money-hungry crook. More Goodwill stores are appearing in Wisconsin than ever before, in addition to hundreds of donation boxes, several "Donation Express" stores, and a brand-new "Outlet Center" that sells items in bulk. Their prices have gone out of control - I can find better deals at Walmart!

Goodwill's "employment services" are useless. They hire adults with autism and pay them less than minimum wage. These same adults could be working at Piggly Wiggly for $10/hour. With a little more support, they can obtain an IT job at a local business for $15/hour or more!

Goodwill NCW recently closed both of its "Harmony Cafe" locations - one in Appleton and one in Green Bay. Their jackass CEO issued the following statement regarding these closures:

"Goodwill has sunk more than $1.1 million to keep both facilities open over the past four years. We can no longer justify that expense."

He took away the #1 gathering place for people in order to line his own pockets. No wonder his former accountant stole half a million dollars from his business.
by Goodwill Employee May 22, 2016
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