The term "Good Hair" originates in the African-American/Black community that is used to describe black people with softer, looser-curled, manageable hair. This type of language stems from history of colorism and Societal Assimilation due to centuries of being taught that lighter skin, softer hair and caucasioid features are somehow more beautiful. Throughout the generations it has been a coined term in the community. Mostly used by the older generation.
Grandmother: *touches granddaughters hair*

"Ooooh chile you got good hair from ya' daddy side of his family!"
by ANTOANTS April 29, 2016
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A popular term in the African-American community, used to describe an black person's hair that closely resembles the hair of a typical white person (i.e. soft, managable, long, as opposed to "nappy" or "bad" hair). The closer your hair is to a white person's, the "better" your hair is. See: "bad hair".

Note: Most people who use this term would never admit the inferiority complex from which it came.
Ignorant Aunt Zykeshia: "Lord-Jeezus! Girl, you gots dat good hair! It long, curly and booootiful!"
by Little Lauren May 18, 2005
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Good hair automatically equals healthy and trained hair.
Stylist: I have 7 clients heads to style and I should be done pretty quick because they all have trained healthy hair that I can work through fast & easy.
Stylist #2: Wish my clients would take care of their head when I'm not there and start training their own heads before they sit up in my chair expecting me to give them good hair.
by Starr27 September 30, 2018
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A word used to describe somebody's hair. This is a term used for black people's hair, and it is "good hair" if it is long, soft, and smooth. This type of hair is considered attractive because soft and smooth hair is the healthiest, or at least looks that way.
Laurice has good hair.
by Angelacia June 18, 2007
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Some hoe Jay-z cheated with
Beyonce fan 1: I hate you more than Becky with the good hair!
Beyonce fan 2: HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!!!
by Spice bag May 3, 2016
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A white girl that has:

a. gotten on your nerves
b. had sex with your man (or in Beyonce's case, her husband, Jay-Z)
c. taylor swift
d. all of the above
"You better call Becky with the good hair" - Beyonce (from her song "Lemonade")
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