The use of hair products for masturbation. Using hair spray for gripping purposes.
You can get a tight tug with some aqua net on your dick. I really want to abuse myself tonight so I am going to try the stylist.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
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This is when you have so much jewelry and style, you don’t need a stylist (someone who assists people look trendy and fashionable) to look good.
With all this swag and ice, I got this...No Stylist! As per French Montana’s song ft Drake-No Stylist: “Iced out, no stylist. New Chanel, St. Laurent, Gucci bag, huh.”
by lugo_la_loca November 04, 2018
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A really great group known for their smooth and romantic R&B songs such as "You Make Me Feel Brand New" and "Break Up To Make Up"
The Stylistics are the shit
by Areallyuniquename September 13, 2010
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someone who does a lot of speed or crystal meth
That girl is such a stylistic every time I see her she's hittin' that spinner pipe
by tito February 28, 2004
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A charming and charasmatic individual who has magical powers to transform your hair from grunge, to GLAM! Everyone needs a great hairstylist!
My Hair stylist is so amazing, she gave me the exact look I was going for!
by vanityfair87 July 25, 2011
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One who has a passion for fashion, an eye for detail and can coordinate clothes with accessories making one stand out a cut above the rest. Easily recognizable when one walks into a room by their well put together fashion sense. Almost as if they were a runway model.
A Fashion Stylist looks like a runway model or an everyday average person transformed into one by what they are wearing. One who can create this look for others.
by Fashion Stylist M November 17, 2013
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A special type of hairstylist. A rare find. A master of their skill as well as an award winning personality. The hairstylist you will never forget. A legacy stylist.
She became the legacy stylist of the year, a true accomplishment!
by TheOnePerson August 27, 2014
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