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Broward County is a county region in south Florida that is right above Miami-Dade County. Those two counties are considered as "sister counties" since they share the same cultural trends, art, musical styles, connections, language vernacular & News/Current events.

Broward County is a calmer, more mellow version of Miami, which has lower crime activity and tourist visitors.

Broward is the Birthplace of Stickin'/Jookin' dance and music, the immense population of proud Haitian niggas that will put a bullet in your head in a quick second, and southern slang that sound exactly like the rapper plies.
A: Nigga where you from?
B: I'm from Broward county bih'

A: what part? Pompano? Deerfield? Lauderdale? Sunrise? Deepside? Or Lauderhill?

B: I'm from Lauderdale!

A: Dat part!
by ANTOANTS December 13, 2015

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The term "Good Hair" originates in the African-American/Black community that is used to describe black people with softer, looser-curled, manageable hair. This type of language stems from history of colorism and Societal Assimilation due to centuries of being taught that lighter skin, softer hair and caucasioid features are somehow more beautiful. Throughout the generations it has been a coined term in the community. Mostly used by the older generation.
Grandmother: *touches granddaughters hair*

"Ooooh chile you got good hair from ya' daddy side of his family!"
by ANTOANTS May 25, 2016

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