A person who has origins relating to or directly from the continent of Europe, especially those who are from the Northern and Western areas.
The suspect for the robbery was a white person, male, about 20 years of age.
by Strawberry Pterodactyls August 17, 2018
A person with lower melanin presence, whose racial characteristics may make him a target of vitriol for racists. Individual characteristics of the general group tend to contain more egalitarianism than other peoples of the world, better economic management in the areas of manufacture, and better political management in the rule of law, the rights of humans, and the freedoms of humans.

There is many conspiracy theories out there* that they will die out but this is mostly spun to fear monger and make racially charged battle cries by far left moral busy-bodies*.

*see white genocide
*see the Young Turks
It is okay to be a white person. -a person making a statement

If you are a white person you are going to burn in hell, I hope y'all colonizers go extinct. -racist
by lowclub September 17, 2018
A person whose skin possesses small amounts of melanin, which makes for a pale complexion.
When is this going to stop being an issue, anyway?
by Charon May 22, 2003
Someone of European decent, traits attributed to white people are pointy noses, lack of ability to eat anything spicier than water, lighter skin color, ignorance, belief that they are superior to others, belief that they are an oppressed group, oppressive group, affinity for having sex with animals, having sex with relatives, belief they are many different races, little to no ass, love of Starbucks, love of uggs, nasally voice, condescending, distrust of Black People, distrust of Arab People, distrust of Hispanic People, love of Asian Women, lack of basic hygiene, lack of knowledge of when to wear shoes or not, lack of ability to spell in their own languages, hatred of people who spell better than them, inability to dance, quickly jumping to the conclusion that one's parents must be killed because one was not given an X-Box AND PlayStation, denying tragedies occurred such as the holocaust, love of quinoa, love of gluten free products, claiming "I'm not racist but...(something racist)", claiming one is not racist as one has a black friend, deciding what's best for the poor, complaining about controlling only most of instead of all of the world, lack of lips, either being too PC or not even close to being PC enough, love of perpetuation of stereotypes towards oppressed peoples and most importantly of all the complete lack of knowledge of anything outside of their tiny white social circles.
person 1:"Yeah, so I'm 2.62% Cherokee, 67.78232% British, 34.74832% German and so many other things, I'm so diverse."
Innocent bystander:"Fucking "white" person...."
by ProffRyan June 5, 2015
this is a term used to incorectly label people with ethnicity from europe (correct describer: caucasain) who have light color skin. light skin can be within range from yellow to peach to pink to tan to orange to light red. mixing all these colors together, gets your ever-so-frequently-used-slur: "WHITE". all humans, please, open your eyes and tell me those color hues make white. "white" cannnot be a culture. white cannot be a race. white cannot be a people. and I, for-a-fact, canNOT be a fucking color.
"hey "white" person help me to the red bull"-person 1 "I'm sorry, do I look like i fell out of a crayola crayon box? read my name tag and show respect."-person 2
by b.c.c. April 10, 2009
Blumenbach's final taxonomy of 1795 divided all humans into five groups, defined both by geography and appearance--in his order, the Caucasian variety, for the light-skinned people of Europe and adjacent parts of Asia and Africa; the Mongolian variety, for most other inhabitants of Asia, including China and Japan; the Ethiopian variety, for the dark- skinned people of Africa; the American variety, for most native populations of the New World; and the Malay variety, for the Polynesians and Melanesians of the Pacific and for the aborigines of Australia.

Linnaeus divided the species Homo sapiens into four basic varieties, defined primarily by geography and, interestingly, not in the ranked order favored by most Europeans in the racist tradition--Americanus, Europaeus, Asiaticus, and Afer, or African. In so doing, Linnaeus presented nothing original; he merely mapped humans onto the four geographic regions of conventional cartography.
The overt geometry of Linnaeus's model is not linear or hierarchical. When we visualize his scheme as an essential picture in our mind, we see a map of the world divided into four regions, with the people in each region characterized by a list of different traits.

So a "White" person is according to these taxonomists a person who had come from a region of the northern world.
These taxonomists were "white" themselves.
by fairness and peace prevails March 11, 2005
Figment of imagination. Never met one. Look at 'white' people and you will see they are not white, they come in all different shades of pink through brown. Give it up, morons.
Al: "Look at whitey, he can't play"
Kev: "Which one"
Al: "That one!"
Kev: "He's darker than me!"
Al: "OK, look at brownie, he can't play"
by Dick Splash September 20, 2003