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Dolan's friend and enemy. Often is raped and tortured by Dolan. His quote is "fak u dolan"
Dolan:hrey gooby lets go at mcdolans tu get an big mek
Gooby: k
Dolan: 1 big mek pls. *whispering* with shit in it pls
Gooby: k now giv me te big mek
Dolan: k
Gooby: *omnom* this big mek tasts lik shit
Dolan: is acually shit
Gooby: fak u dolan
Dolan: gooby pls
by YoshiFan June 19, 2013
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The ghetto version of Goofy.

He killed spoderman
Dolan: Gooby i ned u 2 kil spoderman

Gooby: dolan y do u w3nt me 2 kil spoderman

Dolan: Gooby plz


Dolan: Plz Gooby

Gooby: k dolan ill kil spoderman

Dolan: tanks gooby
by Fuck You Bitch I'm Classy June 30, 2013
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excessively cheesy or dorky in an endearing way (adjective)
male 1: Let's stay up late and sing all the theme songs to our favorite childhood shows!
female 1: Haha, okay. You're so gooby!
by mmmhmmm6101 July 13, 2013
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The blob that appears in the corner of one's eye every now and again...
"Dude you got a bit of a gooby going on there"
"Really? Cheers dude" *wipes*
by Siby September 01, 2005
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Commonly used as a term of endearment for someone who is goofy, yet adorable. Most people use it as an intimate term, because its so cheesy if others hear, they might become uncomfortable.
Boy: "I love you, gooby!"
Girl: "I love you too!"


Girl: "Jake, you're such a gooby head!"
Boy: "Nuh huh!"
by Gooby Queen April 15, 2014
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