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Dolan's friend and enemy. Often is raped and tortured by Dolan. His quote is "fak u dolan"
Dolan:hrey gooby lets go at mcdolans tu get an big mek
Gooby: k
Dolan: 1 big mek pls. *whispering* with shit in it pls
Gooby: k now giv me te big mek
Dolan: k
Gooby: *omnom* this big mek tasts lik shit
Dolan: is acually shit
Gooby: fak u dolan
Dolan: gooby pls
by YoshiFan June 19, 2013
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The ghetto version of Goofy.

He killed spoderman
Dolan: Gooby i ned u 2 kil spoderman

Gooby: dolan y do u w3nt me 2 kil spoderman

Dolan: Gooby plz


Dolan: Plz Gooby

Gooby: k dolan ill kil spoderman

Dolan: tanks gooby
by Fuck You Bitch I'm Classy June 30, 2013
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excessively cheesy or dorky in an endearing way (adjective)
male 1: Let's stay up late and sing all the theme songs to our favorite childhood shows!
female 1: Haha, okay. You're so gooby!
by mmmhmmm6101 July 13, 2013
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The blob that appears in the corner of one's eye every now and again...
"Dude you got a bit of a gooby going on there"
"Really? Cheers dude" *wipes*
by Siby September 01, 2005
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Commonly used as a term of endearment for someone who is goofy, yet adorable. Most people use it as an intimate term, because its so cheesy if others hear, they might become uncomfortable.
Boy: "I love you, gooby!"
Girl: "I love you too!"


Girl: "Jake, you're such a gooby head!"
Boy: "Nuh huh!"
by Gooby Queen April 15, 2014
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Large ladies with huge knockers tend to strut their stuff; faux-confidence;
as if their fatty tits make up for their chunky body and refusal to exercise.
When the boobs stick out to the same level as their gut, its called goobies.
If they were to approach a wall, all 3 parts would touch at the same time.
Look at those Goobies !
Her Gut sticks out even with her Boobies.
by Isurus13 March 29, 2011
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