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A Dope ass chick who loves to party and will kick your lame ass any day don't mess with a Ryanne!!!!
Ex: don't mess with that Ryanne, she will kick yo ass!!!!

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by Dancerchic August 10, 2016
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the most awesomest, smartest, beautifulest girl that ever existed, or ever will exist in the universe ever!
Yo, that Ryanne is a dope, super fly, boss babe!

Ryanne doesn't smoke weed, she smokes fools like you on the basketball court!

Once you go Ryanne, other girls- stop tryin'!
by bpppLover February 03, 2010
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet and has awesome sexual powers in bed and can wield any guy to her will. She can also break ankles on the court and has Olympic-like talent in volleyball. Usually good friends with a Troy and can do anything with her amazing beauty and sexiness.
Woah, I wish I dated a Ry-Anne.
Yea my girlfriend hit rode me like a Ry-Anne.
She broke my ankles but not like Ry-Anne.
by soulsaviorYORT January 06, 2013
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