The best girlfriend ever isn’t just your ordinary girl, she’s amazing but has one key feature, her name is Liv! She’s the best and you can always rely on her to make you smile and laugh in the worst situations!
“Who’s the best girlfriend ever

“It’s liv of corse!”
by Thomas Black October 28, 2019
The one that can always cheer you up,the one that makes you happy,the one that can your day around,the one that loves you for who you are,and she makes a good Stromboli.
by Daddy banana May 1, 2018
Dude A: have you met jsar yet??
Dude B: yeah!! She’s the best girlfriend ever!
by Txkyo May 2, 2020
She understands insecurity and reassures me before I have a chance to feel insecure. She takes pleasure in making me happy. She is exceptional at balancing my "male ego". She lets me be a man while retaining her female independence. She shares the things she holds most dear. I don't believe she is aware that I see the walls she has around her heart. But I do see them and that she is slowly letting me in. She's been hurt before and despite some fear she is willing to love and to be loved. She sees the light in the world but accepts the dark. She has a view on things that I'm nearly incapable of having on my own. She constantly opens my eyes to them. She is full of random facts and shares them. She's a bit nerdy. She uses some words I have to look up. She knows her weaknesses and plays to her strengths to combat them. She sees solutions rather than problems. She isn't quick to anger. She isn't quick to judge. She isn't quick to assume. She debates with a mind open to change and admits when she is wrong. She can laugh at herself and does so often. She truly is a unique beauty in a sea of ordinary. She smiles and I melt. She pouts and i give in. She laughs and I laugh. She cries because she is sad and I hold her tight and just let her cry. She is a light in this world and will forever change the people she meets. She is fierce and determined.Why do I spoil her? Because she deserves it. She always has and always will. She is Jenny E...the best girlfriend ever.
He knows exactly how lucky he is to have the best girlfriend ever
by Happy Rambo December 20, 2017
Now this person Emily is the most sweetest person in the world. She's the most amazing girlfriend in the history of girlfriends and if you disagree go cry a river xx
by Cait.xo7 May 15, 2022