DRQ....... Anyone with the interest of a baseball player and avid hunter
Friend 1:"Let's go hunting this weekend"
Friend 2: "You are such a goober"
by Gamecock16 January 22, 2013
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Can be considered a Green Bean or more commonly, a Peanut.
"Graham, you are such a skinny goober."
"Peanuts aren't skinny."
"Well, green beans are so. . .yea."
by rainydaynaps September 26, 2012
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An oafish dimwitted goofball from a small town, usually from the Southern or Midwestern states, but can also be found in the American Southwest , Pacific Northwest and occasionally the more rural areas of New England. Similar to a hick but with more limited cognitive abilities (as hard to swallow as that might be). Goobers can have lovable characteristics, but that’s not always set in stone.
On the movie Deliverance the guys who sodomized Ned Beatty were hillbillies, while the retard with the banjo was simply a harmless goober.
by McLuvin505 May 03, 2008
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Brought by slaves to what is now the Southeastern United States, the word goober is derived from the Bantu word for peanut. In slang usage, goober derives from Goober Pyle, a character on the 1960s American TV sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show. Originally, the word referred to a dullard who hails from rural America. In everyday contemporary usage, the word is often applied to any stupid, inept or foolish person.
N. My older brother is a total goober.

Adj. If Bill Clinton shaved 100 points off his IQ he might have been America's first goober president.

Adv. Oh, Tom is just being his usual gooberly self.

V. Trans. Quit goobering the remote

v. Int. No goobering allowed.
by Gomer Gooberon June 21, 2009
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A person who is a combination of a Loser, idiot, clutz, bigot, naive, arrogant, oblivious and generally lacking insight to the world, very opinionated but is never perceived as a smart or charismatic.

This person will often find him/her self in awkward situations, often without realising it. Someone who will say inappropriate things at the wrong time and thinks its all cool.
A: "Did you hear nathan talking about how great his new headphones were to the grooms mother"?
B: "Yeah what a goober"

A: "That dude is walking around the beach chatting up every chick with his ridiculous hat"
B:"Yeah what a goober"

A:"I spent my day driving around in my new car to see who would look twice"
B:"Dude its a 1993 Mazda 121 you fucking goober"
by chabibii October 08, 2013
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A slang term used in Barnsley to refer to a intellectually challenged person; aka Chav, Idiot, Moron, Muppet or Pillock.

Mostly used by people working with the general public in an enquiry desk position.
Public person; "Why is driving without car insurances wrong ?"

Enquiry Desk Person; "Errrm... because it's against the law ! "

Public person leaves and enquiry desk person says to colleague "What a goober ! "
by Dazzlar3 January 13, 2013
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An inferior human being, underling or extra in a group of people. A goober is there to make the group look more menacing by adding numbers, but individually the goober fails on many levels. Within a group, a goober can add their two cents from here to there but on there own they lack any sort of eccentric personality and usually just act really extra. A goober is usually a follower, and most of the time, clueless about whats going on around them. Goobers are usually the less intelligent bystanders, in their own little goober world just goobering it up. They just don't understand the system...
female goober = goobette
1. "Yo what is Dill and all his goober boys doing?"
2. "Look at all those faggot goobers just posting up on that wall"

Matt: Stfu goober...know your place!
by 2ill4yall October 17, 2009
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