Noun, (in cricket)
A dreadful, possibly game-changing mistake.
"Prior tried to suggest the ball had moved erratically in flight, but that did not spare him the harsh judgement of Michael Vaughan. “A goober,” remarked the former England captain, using a cricketing slang term for a particularly bad error." (Independent, 20th June 2014)
by Christheneck September 24, 2017
Goober is used as one of your very good friends who is lovable a goofball and possibly a funny little screwup. Being called a goober is an amazing complement.
Person 1: man, Olivia, Hailey, Taylor and Drake are some of my favorite goobers
Person 2: Yeah you can’t help but love them
by Gucci gang fooshy goober November 23, 2017
(n) A child that is being annoying, therefore they shall be called a goober. When they don't listen or do something silly, you call them goober. A lighthearted term.
"Hey, can you pass me a chip?"
"No, they're all mine"
"You're such a goober."
by sngoob September 24, 2022