3 definitions by Goober Smuck

The most delicious mixture of peanut butter and grape jelly. Many believe it was sent down from heaven as a gift to man kind from God.
I wish we had Goober in the pantry, i’m so hungry right now.
by Goober Smuck June 11, 2019
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Someone in Valorant who instantly locks in an agent without giving their teammates any chance. Usually people tend to auto lock Jett or Reyna, and usually end up either bottom fragging or throwing.
I hate it, my teammate auto-locked jett and is playing like a dumb egg.
by Goober Smuck March 28, 2022
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It’s something one says when eating Shepherds Kraft or IchiLoaf. It can also occasionally be said when one eats Ichinuts.
“Dzu dzu dzada, I want some Ichinuts right now!
by Goober Smuck June 12, 2019
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