A Goober, or Goober (Snap) is a term of endearment that is commonly used to describe a J.S.L. with a heart in their name. The use of this term or word comes from being pestered on the internet, and is used when necessary.
Deniz: "Yo come take a shot with me goober!"
JLS: "Lyke.. SCREW YEW!"


JLS: "Don't lie Juan!"
Juan: "I swear Lilly! Goobers Honor!"


Deniz: "Hey JLS! your goobs look great in that bra!"
JSL: "Lyykkeee go die deniz omggg"
by jeanne-lilly simon January 19, 2010
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Usually a funny older person, but also can mean a stupid, grasping, corrupt politician, as in GOOBERnatorial elections...
If you think he's bad, take a look at the VICE-GOOBER!
by ChampsElysees August 14, 2010
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Goober: a juvenile act of retardation;
A goober is when someone is acting goofy, in a cute endearing way...
by Armijo June 08, 2007
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An eye booger, those things u get when you wake up in the morning..
Eww dude, wipe that sick goober off your eye its making me sick!!
by Val November 02, 2004
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A guy who wears fedoras, talks to doors at 5:45 a.m, pronounces "milk" wrong, would marry and have several kids with Cake (if it were possible), and dresses to the left.

The only person in the whole world who could get away with saying: "I don't like how this bee thinks he knows whats up"
by RandyThePuppy September 12, 2011
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Foolish person looked down upon by others, eejit and general gobshite. aka goobertron from goobertown.
That Cormac lad calls himself Leej-dog, that absolute Goober.
by absoledgebag November 23, 2011
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A fool or nerd that acts worse than a Gomer.

Probably from the Andy Griffith TV series because Goober was dumber than Gomer; and he wore a dumb hat like Jughead from the Archies comics.

I would much rather be called a Gomer than a Goober!
Stop acting like a goober you dumb-ass!

He just ate the garnish--what a goober!

That goober just pissed his pants!
by thedzone September 22, 2009
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