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Intentionnal. In League of legends (a MOBA), a play that show you intentionnally calculated not to help your team in a teamfight, suicided, etc.
Report him for int !
by Frais Derrick rise January 20, 2018
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among being used to define an integer in programming languages, int is short for interesting, usually said while chatting to acknowledge that you've read what a person said, but dont really care.
"that movie was int."
by dankenstein December 18, 2004
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i will not, i wouldn't, i couldn't, i didn't, i don't, i won't, i shouldn't, i can't, i shall not, i'm not i'd rather not
i'nt going to the club wit you
by Mihael Keehl December 05, 2007
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Person A: "Oh My God. I HAVE to make Dean's List this semester!!"

Person B: "Stop stressing so much, INTS."
by Rodjects February 17, 2009
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Abbreviation of Integer, most commonly used in programming languages.
Alsoe an acronym for "Insanely Nested Tables" a sub-language of HTML involving nesting large amounts of tables inside each other to create a complicated page layout.
function countEnts() {
return CINT(uiEntCount);
by NewName August 27, 2004
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Short term for intelligence.

Used in MMORPGS and RPGS in releation to stats
Woo i have an int of 60!

A) OMFG this uber leet robe gives me +31 Int and a +9 against Ogers!
B) niiccee!
by Kane February 15, 2005
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an america online internal account. used for pulling info and scrolling in chatrooms.
sub me off that int - i can bypass securid.
by phillip nis March 18, 2008
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