plural Golim: a tool of the 2%. a person brainwashed by jewish media and jewish academia. in the US, this is at least 40% of the population.
Golem have those signs in their yard and believe everything CNN tells them.
by Hugh Lygon February 1, 2021
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A Golem is a sort of creature whose name became popular in several RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pokémon, and Chrono Trigger.
Traditionally, Golems are rocklike creatures whose structure is covered with a near-impenitrable stone.
In the case of D&D, there are several variations of Golem that use elements other than Stone, such as Iron and Flesh (which is a nod to Frankenstein).

There are mixed views as to exactly what a Golem looks like, but the general view is that a Golem is large, perhaps larger than a human, and is covered in a rocky mass. It is not all that pretty, and sometimes features a rather ugly mouth.

Golems seem to be submissive creatures, as they never really act on their own, and are controlled by whoever Summons/Finds them. Thus, they are not necessarily good or evil in spite of their evil-ish appearance.
"GOLEM used Rock Slide!" -Pokémon
"Um, so... A mad scientist is making a... Golem. No! A Flesh Golem, yeah. That's good." -Someone who plays D&D
"It's the end for you! Go, GolemTwins!" -Dalton, Chrono Trigger
by Dr. Baconman April 21, 2006
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This Clash Royale Card is only used by the Most faggot personality people in the world. These people openly take dick and can never get enough of it. Overall this card is queer as hell.
You-“I use the golem in my cr deck
Me-“Kys fag”
by Holden2Dix June 27, 2021
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-In Jewish folklore, the golem is an animated being that is made of inanimate material, often seen as a stone giant.
-In modern Hebrew the word golem means "fool," "imbecile," or "stupid."
- A derrogatory therm to describe a "bad boy" alpha male who are the plain definition of retarded, and they are very unstable emotionaly and has problem solving issues, using only the violence instead of using the brains. Sadly this applies to any bad boys.
Thats dude is such a Golem. Uses physical force to make violence to solve a little problem instead using the brains, for some one who has such bad boy attitutes... and they are also the pure definition of "Bad Boyfriend.
by TheKamikazeMonkeys April 20, 2018
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Sitting in a dark room for days on end watching whole seasons of TV shows alone.
"Dude, you have to come out with us tonight. You have been Goleming pretty hard."
"Can't. Must finish my Breaking Bad. My precious."
by I'mTotallyNotDave August 26, 2013
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noun: A use map settings game in Starcraft which requires quick reactions and clever strategy. Similar to chess.
I played golems for three days in a row.
by Samuel Clark July 9, 2006
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a person that doesnt know whats going on
somone that is always very confused
somone who is lost
"hey daniel whats the girls name you hooked up with yesterday?"
"i dont know bro, i forgot"
"daniel your such a golem"
by whadupppppppppppppppppppp August 27, 2012
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