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A guy who cares about his looks AND his car more than you. He makes fun of your friends. Someone who is controlling, makes fun of your appearance, calls you dumb, and would rather play black ops than talk to you. A guy who you invite to your house, he falls asleep, watches TV, doesnt even acknowledge that you are there, eats your food, dumps you then leaves.
Girl: *makes a blond move* Oh! Im really sorry.

Bad Boyfriend: Ha that was soooooo dumb. oh im just kidding!
Girl: no, that kind of hurt my feelings.
Bad Boyfriend: oh well sorry. *starts talking to friends and sometimes calls out how funny the girls nose, or hair looks or how much she is breaking out that day*
by katm(: August 01, 2011
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A man who doesnt act like he loves you, ignores you, calls you annoying, doesnt care when he makes you cry, hurts you and doesnt say sorry, puts you second to everything, askes to watch porn ALL the time even when he knos it HURTS you alot makes you feel like your not good enough and that your ugly and fat and then starts fights bout it and makes it sound like hes dateing the porn.. making it sound soo important to him...when the girl hes so called in love wit is supose to be the ONLY important thing in his life.
boy: can i watch porn?

girl: no your supose to be spending time wit me..

boy: but..i really want to watch it i need that "feeling".

girl: porn more important to you than me?

boy: no...your both important to me.

girl: ...-eyes start to tear up-

boy: can i watch it?
boy: pleaseeeee?!?

girl: -tears start going down her cheeks- no..i want to spend time wit you..not having you droolin over other girls..your being such a Bad Boyfriend..

boy: THATS NOT FAIR! I WANT TO WATCH PORN! *he doesnt even notice shes crying*

Guys are so blind.
They never notice there hurting the one girl who really loves them.

Dont let this happen to really really hurts...=/
by xxReneeBabyxx February 13, 2009
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