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You and your friends pick your noses and whoever pulls out the smallest booger has to eat there’s and all the other boogers
Gold digging is my favorite activity. One time I played with Bob Ross and I hate to eat a booger bigger than his sexy fro
by billy baby 333 March 17, 2020
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To Spray Paint a woman's vagina gold and have sex with her
Hey Ryan, you should of seen it last night. I put on an exploration hat(condom) and went gold digging on that bitch.
(gold digging)
by Iceburn December 25, 2007
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The desperate act of digging down into the sofa cushions to find Golden Crisp when faced with an empty box.
In my extreme state of despair upon opening the Golden Crisp box only to find it completely void of delicious cereal, I had no choice but to resort to Gold Digging.
by Sugar_Bear's_Anus November 28, 2013
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Having anal sex while the rectum is full of feces.
Yoo I heard Tyler and his girlfriend are into gold-digging. Fucking degenerates.
by Gold-digging November 13, 2018
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A horrid hag who cares about nothing but sleeping with guys in an effort to take their money. They will marry a man, suck him dry, then divorce him. They will also steal from friends and family.
My sister-in law is a gold-digging whore
by sarabellum February 24, 2010
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Gold digging, high school drop out with a bunch of kids by different guys, doesn't work and lives off ex husbands money and buys fake boobs with child support money
Gina, Jumal, California (San Diego) gold digging whore slut face
by howdy howdy April 18, 2008
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The act of going after a man who is not yet rich and successful but has great potential. Therefore, it will seem as if you are interested in his personality while your true interests lie in his future riches.
Ex: I ride the engineering busses around campus because I'm trying to do some pre-gold digging.
by lkroche November 23, 2009
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