8 definitions by billy baby 333

a mix between a porn star with a hot mustache and a doctor who suffers from depression but won't show it on T.V. Has a 100% Chance at stealing your girl and pleasuring her better than you ever did.
I really hope Dr. Phil doesn't come to the party. If he does he will stick his enormous penis in all the pretty girls and won't save any for the rest of us
by billy baby 333 March 13, 2020
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You and your friends pick your noses and whoever pulls out the smallest booger has to eat there’s and all the other boogers
Gold digging is my favorite activity. One time I played with Bob Ross and I hate to eat a booger bigger than his sexy fro
by billy baby 333 March 16, 2020
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Noun: The one person you would probably be down to fuck regardless of their gender

normally between the ages of 25 and 48.
"is the new science teacher a boy or a girl?"
"who the hell cares I want to have super sex with them."
by billy baby 333 March 12, 2020
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Someone who pulls out in front of you, then proceeds to drive 5 miles under the speed limit
this dumbass pulled out in front of me on my way to work today. I shouted “screw-you driverat the top of my lungs .
by billy baby 333 January 29, 2021
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Activity: Go to the top of a parking garage and while your friends grab your hands keeping you from falling, squat on the edge and let your poo flow out onto the civilians down below
by billy baby 333 March 11, 2020
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when you sneak pubic hairs on someone food. most commonly in their sandwich.
when I worked at mcdonalds, me and my co workers would do some tongue scratching when we were bored
by billy baby 333 March 9, 2020
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