One of Rachel and Hallie’s high-fives.
Bro, that was heckin crisp.
by Memelordforthelord December 14, 2019
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"She is so crisp!"
"That test was crisp"
"I had a crisp night"
"Your hair's looking crisp today"
"I'm feeling pretty crisp at the moment"

Boy: "How are you?"

Girl: "Crisp. You?"

Boy: "Same."
by Javbobo September 22, 2011
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A word used to describe something cool or perfect. Often used to describe material goods or a planned event.
That guy's shirt is so crisp. This party is going to be crisp.
by Darren Jarman October 3, 2008
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a universal word that can be used in any positive context. This word can be used in almost any sentence referring to any context. It is a general term that incorporates any word or saying that is used as a positive indicator. If it is to be used in a negative context one should add the word 'not' before 'Crisp'.
Positive Context:

keep it crisp
we crisp like that
gonna get some crisp new shoes
gonna get some crisp studying done

Negative context:

that's not very crisp
by Keepin it Crisp January 25, 2012
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HR relations word; used in office spaces in lieu of the word Cunt, so as not to offend sensitive people, or be overheard by customers on the phones. Use started Circa 2017.

Also used as: Crispin.
That last customer was such a crisp! My colleague is being such a crisp.

What is that Crispin idiot on about!?
by P.Speed February 21, 2018
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a synonym for cool.
omg! that screwdriver ride was very crisp!
by Megan Sandy December 6, 2008
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"Crisp" is used to say that something is good or awesome.
1. That new show is pretty Crisp!
2. Those shoes are not Crisp.
3. Nuclear war is not Crisp.
4. Johnny is pretty Crisp.
by NotSahen April 21, 2017
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