The act of jerking oneself off.
Mary left the other day and I was totally going blind when she came back for her purse.
by Johney Jackoff June 13, 2010
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A set of nonsensical choices that indicate a high degree of confusion about what to do next, in the sense that neither of them is even remotely realistic but the party concerned is so radically confused that he might consider them.
Jake is Mike's best friend.

When Mike saw the damage Jake had done to his car, he didn't know whether to shit or go blind.
by Lanky75 October 17, 2006
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A ficiticious set of options that are normally used to describe the scenario of there being no options available.
Frank: I guess we got caught.
Mike: What are we going to do?
Frank: I do not know whether to shit or go blind.
by word genie February 20, 2005
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This is a phrase used when someone is confused and cannot decide between two choices. It is derived from the conundrum faced by a teenage male who lives in a house with one bathroom and a large family. When you live in a house with lots of people you can only masturbate in the privacy of the bathroom. You also have limited time because everyone has to use the same bathroom. Hence the dilemma, should I shit or jack off, which everyone told you would cause you to go blind.
The running back put such a move on the linebacker he did not know whether to shit or go blind!
by Mr Wod November 30, 2010
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A drink consisting of prune juice and methanol that requires good decision making skills.
Meanwhile, at the first year cotillion...

Date: I'll have a Jägermeister and Red Bull
You: I'll have a Shit or Go Blind
Date: Do you smell something?
by road decay July 11, 2006
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As if your approaching a situation without having any previous knowledge or not knowing what the outcome will be you're going in blind
Going on a blind date

Attending an interview unprepared
Going in blind
by Mechanical vitamins January 2, 2016
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