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a type of headpiece that resembles a baseball cap that has been cut off at the top, usually worn by shitheads at sporting events; it is usually customary to spike your hair, the tradition is probably around 12 years old, but some guys refuse to give it up
George Carlin: Here are some more people that should be strapped in chairs and beaten with hammers, people who wear visors.
by word genie December 20, 2006
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A fictitious creek, that has shit flowing just like water would normally flow. As a figure of speech, one might say "I am drowning!", but if it worse than that, one may say "I am drowning in shitcreek".
If one creek did exist, one would probably have more of a chance of living after falling in shitcreek, than a normal creek, due to the viscosity of feces being higher. Most people usually do not think about this, because it’s not something you think about.
"If you do not complete that proposal, we are going to be 15 miles up shitcreek."
by word genie February 20, 2005
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Originally meaning a sports event where a team loses terribly; the evolved definition is similar in meaning a terrible event or a disappointment.
1. That party was a total upset.
2. Going to that show with those chicks, was by far a total upset.
by word genie April 10, 2006
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A phrase used to describe the quality of work difference of that of private enterprise and the government.
BILL: I think we should start over, we did not do such a good job. Someone may get hurt.

WALTER: Don't worry, its close enough for government work.
by word genie October 3, 2005
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A ficiticious set of options that are normally used to describe the scenario of there being no options available.
Frank: I guess we got caught.
Mike: What are we going to do?
Frank: I do not know whether to shit or go blind.
by word genie February 20, 2005
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