To urinate into another persons mouth (in a sexual manner). Related to Watersports.
I had a great session gobbling her amber fluid.
by Gordon Yip August 15, 2003
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they turkey said “gobble gobble gobble” to the other turkey
by noimnotasimp November 26, 2020
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A greeting used by management to inform employees that they need to work harder to out perform their coworkers as people will fired.
"Gobble Gobble" Anonymous CEO in a message to all employees after the initial round of layoffs
by c_ash December 1, 2022
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What your friend does at 9:15pm on a Friday after drinking most of a fifth of Wild Turkey
You should have seen drew last night. He was passed out on the floor yelling gobble gobble
by wildTurk October 5, 2010
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1) the sound a turkey makes
2) the sound some random dudes, aka me and ppl, make when thy dont know what 2 tlk about
1) gobble gobble said the turkey
2) "dude, what sall we tlk 'bout?"
"gobble gobble!"
by random_bulldog January 20, 2004
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The act of receiving fellatio while enjoying a delicious turkey feast on Thanksgiving.
There's nothing better than a little Gobble Gobble on Thanksgiving
by Kaiti-not-a-Lady November 25, 2009
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To suck dick. Giving oral sex to a man. Giving head.
Last night I gave my boyfriend some gobble gobble
by miSs NisH September 6, 2010
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