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Short for the word talk. Vowels have been removed.
Send an email to her if u wanna tlk.
by Davetheant July 20, 2008
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the act of texting people while you are pooping
ex. (talking to a friend on fbook chat)

person 1: hey man whats going on tonight
person 2: i gotta go to the bathroom il poopt you


person 1: whatsup man what are you doing?
person 2: poopting you
by mr.poopter January 26, 2011
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Teenage Lady Killer. Term for a man who dates tons of women and then leaves them right after having sex. A real player.
Man, Zach left all 12 women after sex last week. He is such a TLK.
by ZLewis89 March 22, 2010
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It means The Lion King, not Talk... Trust me i use TLK all the time
Simba is a TLK character right?
by TLK=The Lion King February 11, 2016
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