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an ugly mutt with saggy cheeks and bulging eyes, often tends to suddenly lash out at unsuspecting victims
a.k.a Mrs morrison the french teacher
by random_bulldog November 3, 2003
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1) the sound a turkey makes
2) the sound some random dudes, aka me and ppl, make when thy dont know what 2 tlk about
1) gobble gobble said the turkey
2) "dude, what sall we tlk 'bout?"
"gobble gobble!"
by random_bulldog January 20, 2004
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Its question, with "the" put in front of it.

this can generally mean, a most important question, often different in everyone's mind
can range from
"what is da meaning of life"
"should i wear the pink dress or the blue on my d8?"
by random_bulldog August 31, 2003
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the best cartoon about little blue things in the world!
by random_bulldog August 31, 2003
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there are 2 words to descirbe sponge bob square pants
by random_bulldog January 20, 2004
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two of the few words in the common ned's vocabulary. whenever talking to someone they want to pick a fight with, they use the words "square goes" this is supposed to threaten the other person or maybe even frighten them. if that person had any commonsence, it would have had the opposite effect.
see also your ma ya bam and wido
"r u pure gettin hard ya wido? sqaure goes ya bam"
by random_bulldog January 14, 2004
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i tv show, that includes a random guy doing random impressions of random celebraties. all in all its really quite random.
Bo' selecta had a dramatic increase in popularity during the christmas period due to the going-to-be one hit wonder: propa chrimbo
by random_bulldog January 15, 2004
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