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Belittling or Demoralising someone for little or no reason while haveing complete control over them anyway.

Goaded - Past Tense
Derived from the unfair but rad teacher Mr goad.
'Oh fuck, I'm in for a right goading later'
by SWalton November 05, 2007
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the action of tempting another rider to race on the public roads. Usually results in a "Go to Jail" card.
"honest M'lud, Mr X was goading me with his Firestorm at the time"
by JSP May 17, 2004
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goading is a word used to say that an individual is willing to join into an activity
1 - whats going on over there?

2 - bill and mike are shearing a hairy child

1 - well , i'm party to that goading
by duck January 11, 2005
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