Joe: What's your favourite colour?
Karen and David: Purple!
David: Wow, go-like haha
by TheCitizenErased September 11, 2010
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The most common 2 words used in a sentence by girls from the age of 13 to 18. Can be used up to 5 times in a sentence.
The girl opposite me was talking to her friend: "Well I was like disgusted with her and I go like "You're a bitch", and she goes like,"Well, like tough titties", and I go like, "you should like be so lucky", and my friend goes like ...
by Fredleted September 8, 2011
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to be running to or from something very very fast
his podgy little legs were going like the clappers
by heffalump June 29, 2005
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The act of being a pussy or someone's bitch just to avoid a conflict/ fight.
Person 1: "Damnnnn youre getting roasted in the groupchat! Roast them back!"
Person 2: "Naw I'm not tryna get cooked again"
Person 1: "Boiiiiii go like cake!"
by Lordddddd Kayvaughn July 21, 2017
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A funny thing Scottish people say, it can only be assumed it's an insult. Must be yelled at the top of your lungs in a Scottish accent for full effect. Otherwise you just sound like a tool.
Stop lookin' up mah fuckin' kilt, ya wanky square go-like!
by BTRyo. November 29, 2010
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anything which appears to be going fast or repetitvly.
from either the loose hammers inside churchbells, or an old shrove tuesday custom involving begging by clapping stones together
going like the clappers
running like the clappers
by metaneme July 2, 2007
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Go out in public in an unclean state.
I went to the gym this morning and didn't have time to shower so I decided to go like Freddy.
by rdavek December 17, 2006
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