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to be running to or from something very very fast
his podgy little legs were going like the clappers
by heffalump June 29, 2005

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a cross between a snort a chuckle and a giggle. usually heard in pubs after a good joke or shocking comment resulting in the messy spraying of beer from ones nose.
everyone snurkled when they heard what had really gone on behind the bikeshed last night .
by heffalump May 05, 2005

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mythical canadian monster seems to live on rotting flesh (and apparantly twinkies) 8ft tall orange rug is the best description of a windigo judging from recent sightings
an orange motheaten rug was sat under a tree next to a pile of twinkie wrappers it was the fabled windigo
by heffalump July 31, 2005

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someone who enjoys the pleasures, environment and the experience of a concert
I'm not a homebody, but I am a concertbody.
by Heffalump March 06, 2014

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